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1. Choose us is to choose SAFERLIFTS.

SAFERLIFTS FORKLIFT is a company hold by SAFERLIFTS Group .Founded in 2006,with 13years developing.SAFERLIFTS has achieved an annual production capacity of more than 7000 units completed vehicle and 5000 units engine and ranks top 10 in Chinese auto industry.SAFERLIFTS has a national level advanced technology R&D center.

2. Professional Manufacturer of Forklift Trucks

Established more than 10 years ago, SAFERLIFTS FORKLIFT possesses annual production capacity of 2000 units, and our sales volume ranks top 10 in all Chinese forklift brands. Our current production line is staffed with 500 employees, 50 of which are R & D personnel.

3. Our products diversification

  • 1~25t internal combustion forklifts,
  • 1~5t electric forklifts,
  • 1.6~2t 3-wheel electric forklifts,
  • 3~6t electric tractors,
  • 1~2t electric stackers/pallet truck
  • 1.5t reach truck

4. Complete Spare Parts Support System

SAFERLIFTS Forklift is able to supply sufficient range of spare parts in a timely manner.

5. Cordial after-service of SAFERLIFTS FORKLIFT

SAFERLIFTS FORKLIFT has a service team for helping our partners and dealers to solve any problems any where any time. Delivering wonderful service to partners and dealers is SAFERLIFTS FORKLIFT responsibilities.

6. High Performance/Cost Ratio Products

Compared with HELI H2000 forklift, our J-Series forklift is better equipped and owns a better performance (use of stream-line design) with almost the same price. Compared with the forklift from Hyundai or Mitsubishi, our J-Series forklift is much more competitive in price with almost the same performance


SAFERLIFTS tenet: “Better Product, Better World”. We are committed to supplying all partners with high-level forklift at high-level service at your demand. We hold the philosophy of "Customer First, Dealer Second, Manufacturer Third".

What conditions are required to be SAFERLIFTS FORKLIFT partners and dealers?

1) Have a certain financial strength and a good credit history;

2) Possess rich experience in the construction machinery industry, a group of entrepreneurial and sales team, and the ability to develop the local secondary outlets;

3) Have a strong determination to develop the market growing with SAFERLIFTS Heavy-duty;

4) Have a perfect sales service system and sales team as well as a certain customer base;

5) Forklifts showrooms, parts warehouse, and other hardware facilities;

6) SAFERLIFTS brand recognition and loyalty.

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Top 10 in Chinese forklift industry

We has a service team for helping our partners and dealers to solve any problems any where any time

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